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I grew up in New England spending time skiing, sailing, riding, and being pretty terrible on the tennis court. I went to prep school, and in the summer, spent time in Maine and on Block Island. But the Kardashians, we were not – I was raised with a strong sense of Yankee Frugality. We mowed our own lawn, raked our leaves, and shoveled out our driveway. Watching television was limited, but my parents encouraged reading the newspaper and as many books as we could absorb. This balance of doing things yourself, enjoying the outdoors, and prioritizing education is, in my opinion, what it means to be a Yankee Prep.

I moved to New York City after school, where I was shocked by suddenly being unable to afford many of the activities I enjoyed. So, using the tricks I learned from my preppy upbringing, I eventually learned to stretch a dollar into five.

Now that my style has solidified with more urban elements, I can’t say that my clothing style is strictly preppy, but the fundamental principles I learned from a preppy upbringing continue to hold true in every aspect of the way I approach spending money, and therefore I still consider myself to be very preppy -- and very much a frugal Yankee. I started Luxe Austerity to share the tips I’ve learned, and to hopefully learn some new ones from you.

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Luxe Austerity: Tightening your belt without wrinkling your designer dress.
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